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View Diary: Democrats Blast Rick Scott for Helping Allen West's Quest to Overturn Election (71 comments)

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  •  Why wait, doesn't Florida have recalls? (4+ / 0-)
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    There was someone touting an impeachment on dkos recently.  Phooey.  California has demonstrated that a Governor can be taken down by a recall.  Ours was financed by champion asshole Rep. Darrell Issa, but when the recall worked Arnold Schwarzeneger (sp?) suddenly popped up and got all macho in the debates (he's an actor, remember?) and won the GOP nomination.

    What champion douche Darrel Issa on television, as he gets questioned as to why his partisan "Benghazi" hearing ended up publishing classified information, that damaged years of intel work.  Stupid?  Beyond that...

    But I digress.  If a dolt like Issa, with a million of his own money can stage a recall against a Governor, then why can't someone take down Rick Scott?  Puhleeeeze?  Now, not later?

    Rick Scott will be okay.  He can get work in a "Dawn of the Dead" remake.  Jeeze, what a face...

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