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View Diary: Why Hillary Clinton Should Run for President (65 comments)

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  •  Hilary will run if it's what she wants to do. (2+ / 0-)
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    foreverblue, True North

    I don't think any attempt to draft her will affect her opinion one way or another.

    Right now, she's probably kind of exhausted from her day job (sec of state) and from all accounts wants to quit and relax for a bit.

    IF, after having some time to recharge and reflect, she decides that she'd be the best person to lead this country and IF she is healthy/energetic enough to face not only the rigors of campaigning but running the free world, THEN you will see the Clinton machine roll into action, likely endorsed by Obama and any influence he can bring to bear as payback for her service and both of their efforts on Obama's behalf.

    But I think, at her age, she might decide she just can't go through all that again, emotionally and/or physically.  Alternately, her body might make the decision for her.

    On the plus side, the whole "OMG, she's POLARIZING!" BS that attended her last run seems quaint now.  Obama is the most polarizing guy anywhere, and he figured out how to win (expand the electorate...the folks who don't normally vote like his policies).

    If she doesn't run, whomever she and Obama put their weight behind will likely be the frontrunner.  I don't think we'll really know how it plays out till a lot closer to 2014 though, and maybe not until we see what happens at the midterms.

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