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  •  Your story is one of the reasons I love DailyKos (25+ / 0-)

    We are people, people who love our wives, daughters, sons. extended family (Friends who will be there no matter what the need,) and othes we care about and for.

    We are not corporations, no judge needs to check our legal papers to verify we are living breathing people.

    Because someone is of a different spiritual space or race or mental state our love is there to share.

    Nice to hear about one souls big footprint.

    I used to work in a nursing home as a second job and remember a husband who did just as Frank. You could feel the love in the room when he was there. I saw how he would take a half hour to help her eat her meal and then how the staff who were forced to rush by management stuffed food into her at the evening meal in three minutes. I cried sometimes.

    I loved my job and took my time with meals and I was needed so much they let me do that. I started working ten hours and they kept asking me to do more until I was working 40 hours a week on two jobs. I was making good money but only had time to sleep before waking up to go to work.

    I had to quit when a new manager came in and wanted me to work faster like all the others and be down right mean to the people I had come to love. Maybe the way I knew when someone was about to head for the heavenly worlds did not endure me to her either.

    If anyone reading this ever has someone staying in a nursing home visit them often and show your love. No mater how much they can no longer do they can accept and give love.

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    by arealniceguy on Fri Nov 23, 2012 at 09:07:04 PM PST

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