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  •  Just get rid of it all together. (3+ / 0-)
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    mightymouse, shaharazade, Scientician

    Or make it so it only forces a debate and a vote where a 50+ majority decides the outcome of the bill takes place at the end of the debate that very same business day.

    The Filibuster is a Romantic notion it is not part of good governance and no one should support it in really any form.

    If you give Obstructionists tools to obstruct they will use them for their full advantage. If they no longer have the ability to obstruct legislation they will not be able to. Sure it might hurt us if Republicans ever regain control of the Senate but if we had no filibuster in 2008, we'd have Card Check, Public Option, Gitmo closed, Recession over, Elizabeth Warren breaking up the banks, etc.....

    Don't change the Filibuster kill the Filibuster.

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