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    I want to see OFA work in general to provide infrastructure and support to Democratic candidates, at the state and local as well as federal level.  Like good open-source software, it should support whatever outcomes the users choose.  A closed-source model eventually produces the kind of politics we saw in, let's say, Richard J. Daley's Chicago -- so promising in 1955, so broken by 1976, and no matter how visionary (even in the last years of his life, Daley was, among other things, incorporating into public policy the potential impact of globalization on the city before any other US big city mayor), a politically broken model is going to be out of touch with the country's needs in critical ways.

    But do not, whatever you do, let it atrophy.  At the very least, make the information available and make the procedures you've learned part and parcel of educating Democratic activists.

    Priority number 1 -- we have a moment of danger called 2014, with 20 Senate seats up for defense in what is the most conservative-leaning Senate class of states, and a tremendous need to build strength in state legislatures and statewide offices.  Prepare.  Prepare.  Prepare.

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