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View Diary: I Was Fourteen When I First Saw the Inside of a Prison (71 comments)

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  •  Let's clear one thing up. (7+ / 0-)

    Auschwitz was a place where people were kept, or held prisoner. By definition, it was a prison.

    It's principle purpose was to hold prisoners designated for forced labour.

    While it may also be referred to by other terms, equally appropriate, there is nothing inaccurate about calling Auschwitz a prison.

    Birkenau, by contrast, was not a prison, it was a facility designed and built for the express purpose of the mass killing of people, and the disposal of their bodies.

    You may be troubled by my use of words, I am not.

    I hope that the quality of debate will improve,
    but I fear we will remain Democrats.

    by twigg on Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 11:11:26 AM PST

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