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View Diary: Let's Show a Little Solidarity for Workers, No Shopping on Thanksgiving! (208 comments)

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  •  you have my word (5+ / 0-)

    not to shop on thxgiving or black friday...

    you will also not see me shopping this weekend except to buy a local xmas tree (i know i know) and my annual poinsetta from costco that i give to my grandmother.

    aside from that and the few groceries we also take to grandma 1 or 2x a month--there will be no shopping by me this weekend and if i could avoid it altogether i would.

    i won't be purchasing "stuff" this year at all really.  i would elaborate, but my husband reads this blog and i can't say more without giving away xmas surprises.

    i'm tired of purchasing cheap crap from china and pretending it's what i (or loved ones) always wanted.  did we really want that?  or was it just something that we picked out last minute to check off our list?  marketed to us like we're zombified idiots, no better than pavlov's dog.

    no, i won't shop on thxgiving.  i have better things to nap.

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