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View Diary: Numbers don't match reality in Wood County, Ohio voter 'fraud' (74 comments)

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  •  The other flaw with this (2+ / 0-)
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    Arenosa, slapshoe

    Is how do they know how many people are "really" in a given county?

    Answer:  They use the US Census.  Taken in 2010 - over 2 years ago.  No one moved, died or reached age 18 in 2 years?

    Particularly for small counties, the Census loses accuracy VERY quickly - a single factory opening or closing can drastically change the population of a small county.

    There are several others (probably dozens) of these "fraud" counties and every one I have looked at is like this:

    - small county subject to major population swings
    - actual voting statistics entirely reasonable and in line with 2008 voting numbers

    There's also the amusing irony that Bachmann was telling everyone to refuse the Census because it's a big socialist intrusion into privacy and all, so it would amuse me to hear that conservative counties were undercounted.

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