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  •  Thank you. As soon as Sandy became a (14+ / 0-)

    threat, my stomach clenched. I knew we weren't in the zone this time, but my time of the Federal Flood here will never leave. As I write this my eyes fill with tears, I shake, from more than just memories, it is part of my body. You are going through it now, having these events become part of the chemistry of who you are. My neighbors: I get angry with them just as I do those who share my blood, laugh with them, share meals, drink wine on porches in the afternoon long into the night. I love them deeply. We were close before, but we were forced to be closer: the first house with a working kitchen; having a solar shower which required shifts as its size limited use; finding medical tents for some neighbors; cheering when the electricity came back, clean water again, gas. All our clothes with bleach holes and the cleanest bleached skin too. Finding MRE's for everyone! We also attended funerals, for others who had accidents rebuilding or heart attacks from the stress, or who were just too overwhelmed by the disaster and decided they'd lived long enough. Seven years. The neighborhood has changed. At some point today we'll visit one old neighbor, a "fancy girl" when young, now in a nursing home. First I'm going across the street to help make pie with a few other neighbors. Life is sweet, but I won't say it's not hard.

    My thoughts are with you, especially today, Thanksgiving. I would rather people remain oblivious, thoughtless, than suffer such a catastrophe. There is enough pain in life, and being able to slick over the hardest times is a blessing. That's just not possible when your house, your neighbors' houses, your town, your state, and the ones beside are ripped up and tangled together. The deepening of spirit is experienced by few without this shared tragedy. You are part of those with a more tender heart. May you and yours be surrounded by those who cherish each other and the beauty of life.

    "Until death it is all life." Don Quixote

    by cv lurking gf on Thu Nov 22, 2012 at 08:30:43 AM PST

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