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    I can believe The last commander of the Warsaw Ghetto when he compares the two, or I can believe you who doesn't
    Care what he says, "after all he was a leftist" and claims that the comparison itself is out of bounds? The only context here is ongoing  dispossession and occupation, not Hamas or any other straw man.  So hyper sensitive to words, even when imagined, so oblivious to deeds, even in front of your eyes.  

    •  Way to skip the questions completely (0+ / 0-)


      In your link: But where does it say Warsaw = Gaza?


      So again... Anorish, please tell me how the Israelis wiped out the Palestinian population of Gaza, carted off people there and put them in Death Camps or Forced Labor which led to death camps. Please tell me where you that. Because that is what the Warsaw ghetto was all about.

      Oh yeah, and tell me about the brave Hamasniks and all their progressive ways that they support the things that Edelman (who was a leftist) supports. Please enlighten us to just how Hamas, or Palestinian Islamic Jihad are really progressive organizations.

      Anytime you want to address the conversation rather than just make silly statements that have no grounding in truth.... let me know... mmmkay?

      "'Touch it dude' - President Barack Obama"

      by volleyboy1 on Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 12:38:23 PM PST

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