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  •  "Butthurt?" (1+ / 0-)
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    Look, I know it makes me That Guy, but "butthurt" is basically a one-word implied anal rape joke. And not the kind that's, ahem, legitimately funny.

    I know there's no malice here. The comic totally works, except for that one word. And yeah, I know that having one's sense of humor challenged in any way is the third rail for a lot of people. (That's why I stopped having one--too much work.)

    But yeah, it pretty much means "LOL anal rape." It's really not my idea of dKos humor--more of a Tucker Max kind of joke. Or--now that I think of it--a Tucker Carlson kind of joke.

      •  What can I say... (0+ / 0-) run with a much classier crowd than I do. But it really does get used in the malicious way I'm describing.

        Like I said, I know there was no malice here. I'm not calling for an apology, or a retraction, censorship, or anything like that. And maybe that was Mr. Bors' understanding of the word all along. If so, I'm glad. And if he's reading this, sorry to be the bearer of ugly news.

        However, all that being said, I promise you, that's one connotation of the word, and not an obscure one.

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