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  •  They don't care. (7+ / 0-)

    Their ultimate goal is the complete dismemberment of government-funded science.  One way to do that is to limit its effectiveness so you can point to its failures to achieve goals and justify getting rid of it as "wasteful, inefficient and non-productive."  

    My wife has received grants from NSF, NIH and DOE.  When writing her proposals, she has to be extremely careful of her wording.  She has to be careful about how she words things, how she explains them, and the terminology she uses.  She has to do that to prevent staffers at legislators offices from searching key phrases and making rightwing political hay out of things the organizations are funding.  

    One scientist we know moved here from Europe 20 years ago because the US was funding way more research.  As of last year, he was considering going back to Europe since it seemed the tables had begun to turn.  Science became too much of a political game in the US.  

    I don't know how the economy is Europe has changed things recently.  It may come to pass that the only countries with the political will and the money to fund research will be the up-and-coming Asian countries.  

    A few days ago in another diary, the topic was conservatives self-deporting from the US after President Obama's re-election and where they would go.  Singapore was named.  However, Singapore is not a good choice:  free healthcare, education, and a few other things.  I mentioned that Singapore would not want most of these people, but that they would take my wife in a heartbeat if she wanted to go.  They'd build her a state of the art lab and give her a budget to hire the best and brightest people she could get.  

    It may be that one day, we may have to take them up on that offer if we can't end the Republicans' war on science.  

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