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View Diary: Gaza Death toll tops 110 as Israel hits targets in densly packed residential areas killing civilians (201 comments)

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    The point, I think, is that while it implausible to suggest that Israel is attempting a mass expulsion of Palestinians on the scale of the Nakba - world opinion simply wouldn't allow it - it is equally implausible to deny that ethnic cleansing on a smaller, more localised scale is very much part of Israeli policy.

    A particularly appalling example is Hebron, where the Israeli military has implemented what Israel's leading human rights organisation B'Tselem calls a "quiet transfer":

    'Israeli actions, which are based on a policy preferring the settlers' interests, have turned Hebron 's City Center into a ghost town. The principal factors responsible for the destruction of Palestinians' fabric of life in the City Center are severe restrictions on movement - which included prolonged periods of curfew at the beginning of the intifada and now include a total prohibition on Palestinian pedestrians and vehicles from using main streets in the city - closing of businesses by army order, and the failure of law-enforcement authorities to enforce the law on settlers who assault Palestinians and damage their property.'
    In Gaza, more than 15,000 people remained displaced from the 2008-09 massacre and Israel's establishment of a 'buffer zone' along the border (remember that, incidentally, the next time someone claims that Israel has no military presence inside the Strip).

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