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  •  Avandia Met (0+ / 0-)

    Yeah. Avandia Met was what I was on when I had insurance through my spouse. 500mg/2mg x 2/day.

    I agree: I had the best control with that. This is the one which cost almost as high overseas. Probably because it is an advanced type of newer drug.

    My morning fasting was 85 with that, around 100 with Metformin (850mg x 2) only. 2 hour PP stays the same with both.

    With all the heart-attack news, an internist switched me to tried and true Metformin only.

    Metformin is pretty cheap. Lisinopril and Crestor were the more expensive ones. Mine was $100 for all 3 per year. I'm pretty happy with that. One less problem to worry about among many!

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