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View Diary: The radio industry is FINALLY talking about the devastating impact of Rush Limbaugh's Fluke attack (115 comments)

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    elwior, 99 Percent Pure
    The dramatic decrease in actual recorded listenership sampling as noted in the chart reflects the introduction of the Portable People Meter, which is:
    And as I explained in a comment to you back then, the drop on that chart has nothing to do with PPM or the actual number of listeners.

    1. PPM was gradually introduced in different markets over a period of years, not all at once in April 2011.

    2. The chart doesn't show PPM numbers, it shows the number of people who used StreamingRadioGuide to access links to their shows. It shows that last april the StreamingRadioGuide website died for a period of days,  then slowly recovered its user base. The same drop that you see for the Rush Limbaugh show can be found for the rest of the shows they provide links for.

    Which was explained to you back in august

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