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  •  Yea, they don't like it one bit when you stand up (13+ / 0-)

    for your rights.  I worked for a large corporation for 25 years.  Unfortunately for part of that time I worked for an abusive boss.  He never abused me but he abused people around me and some of my subordinates.  I didn't like it at all but I tolerated it grudgingly.  The company knew he abused people but they turned their head because they felt he delivered for them.  Personally, I think he did much more harm than good.  Then, when I progressed in the company he wouldn't give me the independence I needed so he started trying to punish me on my performance appraisals.  I'm a sort of a strange person, very easy to get along with but I can, at times, have a short fuse when confronted with injustice.  So I confronted him and it was in the presence of the VP.  They transferred me to a different department immediately.  I guess they saw something that frightened them,lol.  These corporate organizations don't like people who rock the boat. They expect you to be a punching bag if need be. And if they even sniff anything that they feel could ever result in a lawsuit they get frantic.  I finally left that company after 26 years because of another incident of a different nature.  But I made out well financially and got my full pension.  However, I resented the contract they made me sign to get that settlement.  Of course it involved my signed statement that I would never do them harm but also, the part I resented, was that I would no longer communicate with people I knew in the company or ever reveal the nature of the settlement.  I didn't care about the settlement but what right do they have to tell me who I can talk to.  They also frightened people in the company telling them they could be fired if they ever spoke with me.  But during that last incident they had the balls to have me followed by a private investigator, who I caught one day following me, and whom I told never to let me see his face again.  Can you imagine the audacity, to have a private detective follow me.  Apparently they had the strange idea that I would hurt another employee, which was absolutely absurd.  That is how frightened they get of people who stand up for their rights.  The fact that I had worked there for 26 years and had been a model employee who had advanced up the ladder to director had no weight.  It seemed totally paranoid to me.

    •  I fought back at a couple of companies (6+ / 0-)

      during my working life.  The last time the confrontation was on a Friday evening.  I wrote my letter of resignation and got to work early on Monday.  I found another person in the department to go with me to put the letter on my boss's desk, so I would have a witness as to the time I turned it in.  Then I went down to Personnel and gave then a copy of the letter and  made them log in the time.

      Funny thing - my boss never came in until around 9:00 am, but when I put that letter on her desk, there was a cup of steaming cocoa there.  And the door to the manager's office was closed.  

      They let me go that day, but with pay for 2 weeks vacation and 2 weeks of sick days.  I know they were going to fire me and would have except for my actions.

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