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View Diary: Republicans still furious at Chris Christie for being governor (211 comments)

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  •  How dare Christie actually try to help his state! (19+ / 0-)

    All those miserable peons and their little lives are irrelevant against the glory of the GOP cause!

    Seriously, this article contains so much about what is wrong with the current GOP. Party and power above all else. Anyone who deviates from the party in the slightest way is a traitor and an enemy. The President must be opposed at all cost, no matter the situation. The suffering of ordinary people is irrelevent.

    For simply being a governor first and doing his job, Christie is being compared to Benedict Arnold by Republicans. If that's not an indication of how messed up the GOP is, I don't know what is.

    •  And that's what gets me (5+ / 0-)

      Once upon a time -- as late as the 1990s -- when a disaster hit somewhere in the US, the local authorities called to the Feds for help, showed respect (just as Christie showed Obama respect), & attended to repairing the damage. Maybe the contracts to make the repairs were awarded more with an eye to political influence, maybe there were some sketchy amendments tacked on to the appropriation bills for disaster relief, but everyone stood together & made nice in front of the cameras, & talked in glowing terms about bipartisanship while the disaster was fresh in everyone's memories so everyone could feel good about being an American.

      Never mind these same politicians would stab each other in the back once the disaster had passed or campaign fiercely against each other in the next election. Decorum of the time required everyone to show proper respect -- yes, like a bunch of connected wise guys from New Jersey to the local mob bosses -- because there was no good reason to be nasty when you needed their help.

      Now one can't even go thru the theatrical motions so assure the rest of America who aren't caught up in the 24/7 campaign cycle that we are all part of the same country. It all involves political calculations, what will help the GOP control all three branches of the government: Florida gets ample emergency assistance because it's controlled by the Republicans while New Orleans is left to drown because it's full of Democrats. If you aren't in an unlimited war with the enemy as defined by Limbaugh, Norquist & Gross & the rest of those ideologues, then you are a traitor. It's all black & white now -- according to them.

      This makes me wish there was a real secession movement afoot. Hell, we can give them a county in Oklahoma, let them create their own political correct Randian Christian conservative Utopia there -- fewer Democrats in Okalhoma than in Mississippi or Alabama, so who would miss it? If there was, we could let them go, & then we'd have a place to deport idiots like Douglas Gross to who value political orthodoxy over helping people in desperate need regardless of their political affiliation.


    •  It should be clear (3+ / 0-)

      by now to even the most die hard Republican, that their party is beholden to the GOP and the GOP only. Period.

      There isn't even any wiggle in this argument. Time and time again we see the evidence.
      The Republican Party is an enemy of the people. Every single American. Republican or Democrat.  This is about "party" and the power it weilds before the interests of the country at every turn.

      In addition, the Republican Party has doubled down with their attacks and hate against women as evidenced in this last election.

      The Republican Party (GOP) by all intents could be defined as an enemy of the state.

      Yes, Republican voters...your party thinks you are expendable.  

      "We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both." Louis Brandeis

      by wxorknot on Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 10:32:08 AM PST

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