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View Diary: Another 'Christian family values' hypocrite arrested by FBI for sex offenses (184 comments)

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  •  Of course, there is the possibility that she's (9+ / 0-)

    just a really, really bad person, but there's also the possibility that that her actual status might have been properly assessed by professionals who are equipped with the knowledge to do so.

    As it stands, she sought "salvation" amongst people who offered that to her, right?  In many ways this religion gig is a convenient deal for those who are trying to escape their own demons whether you are a simple criminal or mentally ill.

    I always go back to Jerry Falwell and his obsession with Tinky Winky when I hear stories like this one.  Falwell was convinced that a children's character was "gay" - a character designed to appeal to 6-month to three-year old children - a character the creators were not imbuing with any sort of sexuality, FFS.  Only a very sick person would sexualize Tinky Winky.  That always seemed incredibly creepy to me.

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