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View Diary: Denny's CEO not happy about franchisee's Obamacare surcharge threats (214 comments)

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    Man, I hate to see Denny's getting soiled by this Metz loon.

    When I was in college in the '80s, I worked for Denny's for a while. I was only a part-timer, but the full-timers got profit-sharing, and at the time, they were one of the first, if not the first, restaurant chains to do that for employees. Imagine, waitresses, cooks and busboys feeling like they had a stake in their jobs. It gave me a real appreciation for that concept.

    I have to imagine they don't do that anymore, and for all I know, it may have just been exclusive to my franchise.

    They also have the best bacon anywhere.

    Mmmmm, bacon.

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