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  •  The Hunger Challenge AKA Food Stamp Challenge (0+ / 0-)

    which is sponsored in many communities by the local food bank or equivalent charity, does have rules.  Off the top of my head, the first three  typically are:

    1.  Total budget is the average food stamp allocation for a person based on time period, typically a week.

    2.  Basic condiments already on hand (salt, pepper, catsup, etc.) are "free", but any food or beverage consumed during the week must be charged against the allowance.

    3.  No free food may be accepted from any source.

    I applaud Mayor Booker for taking on the challenge.  I have done it myself, and it is indeed a challenge to live on $22 a week.

    In fact, I would encourage any Kossack who has not experienced the food stamp challenge in real life to take it up for a week or two.  You will soon join in lobbying your Congresscritter for a GOOD Farm Bill.

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