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  •  It seems it is getting to be desperation time. (0+ / 0-)

    Fact is, they already tanked the economy in 2008 and it hasn't had the desired effect. It isn't just that President Obama got re-elected, but that OWS took off, the unions are taking a stand and the people are insisting on their right to govern themselves. The initial response to universal suffrage, equal rights, freedom of information and holding public officials accountable, getting everyone hooked on money and then using the dollar to put whatever group dared to be non-compliant into an economic straight-jacket has run its course. People know it's our money and that, together with the vote, they can take hold of the nation's destiny. So, the traditional ruling elite are on their way out.
    The reason they are desperate because the ruling elite is largely made up of people whose predatory behavior is instinct-driven, not by choice, but by the fact that they have few practical talents with which to sustain themselves. So, if they can't coerce compliance from people who work with their hands to shape the environment to our needs, and if they can't take a "cut" out of every dollar that is spent, then they've got no hope of providing for themselves.
    "Every man for himself," is little more than whistling in the wind. Look at Willard Romney, their latest exemplar of the "competent" CEO. What do you think that man can do for himself? If the latest image is to be believed, he can't do much more than stand with his hands in his pockets and watch the gas being dispensed into his vehicle.
    Some of the media have taken up the refrain, first enunciated by Barack Obama back in 2008, about Republican incompetence. That is, the cons' public officials and party operatives have been identified as incompetent. But, not succeeding at the ballot box is the least of it. American enterprise is asea because they are loath to admit that the whole bit about boot straps and individual initiative and "free markets" is one gigantic myth. American enterprise has been mostly exploitative and has, from the very beginning, relied on the actual or threatened use of military force (against the natives and foreign powers and reluctant natural resource providers). Calls for the separation of government and industry/commerce have even less basis in fact than the separation of church and state. However, they are all on the same page in that these establishments are dependent on support from the public purse/treasury and equally insistent that they not be obligated to provide anything in return.
    Predators exploit without giving any return.  That's what they do. Humans that turn to predation, I suspect, do so because they have no choice. They have no practical skills to produce anything for which anyone else wants to trade. So, at least the ones that are verbally adept manage to wrangle a living for themselves by getting others to work for them.
    Where our mistake occurs is in letting these people become "deciders." That Willard has an MBA is telling because that's what business schools have evolved to do -- to teach people how to get other people to do their bidding, mostly by threatening to take away their opportunity to make a living, if they don't comply. But, what they used to do surreptitiously on behalf of their cohorts in Congress, the managers of the public purse, the incompetents are now having to do more overtly because the threats didn't work. Not only did the people's President get re-elected, but people like Dan Lungren and Tommy Thompson were sent packing.

    We organize governments to provide benefits and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Wed Nov 21, 2012 at 07:26:55 AM PST

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