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View Diary: Transgender Day of Remembrance 2012 (95 comments)

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  •  Typo. Dee Dee of Kansas City caught my eye, (7+ / 0-)

    since I was born in Kansas City.

    You meant to write the date of the murder
    December 24, 2011,
    and you accidentally wrote

    Good to see you,
    consistently writing
    whatever you feel
    needs to be written
    to help the rest of us feel,
    as much as we can feel,
    what it might be like
    to face the choice
    of ending your own life,
    or presenting yourself to the world
    as a gender other than that indicated
    by your birth genitals.

    A year ago,
    I married a black woman,  

    and now,
    more than ever,
    I wonder what it might be like
    to look in the mirror
    and see a black man,
    or a woman,
    or a black woman.

    Just to give you another category of people
    who get very crude and painful attacks,
    attacks from others
    who seem to feel that the victim
    truly caused the attacks,
    listen to this:

    When my new bride,
    was in middle school,
    she had a flat tummy,
    and breasts that were so very large,
    they didn't look real,
    they looked like the ultimate fantasy
    of a middle school boy.

    some of the boys,
    in those days,
    simply grabbed her breasts,
    very hard,
    as hard as they could,
    and pulling
    and twisting.

    Not fatal,
    but the theme is the same;
    this person gets my attention,
    and seems so dramatic,
    I must react,
    I must do something,
    something that goes beyond words,
    something over the top,

    That's my crude assessment.

    Thanks again.

    •  Fixed. (4+ / 0-)

      That was one of the last names I added.  Not on the official list, but on another one at NCAVP.

    •  I'm a white woman with small breasts and I have (3+ / 0-)

      had two white men I'd never seen before grab me and do the same thing to me in broad daylight in a very public location in New York City. I even remember what I was wearing that day. Jeans, cowboy boots, a black tee shirt, and a loose fitting floral print blazer. Just in case anybody's wondering, I don't ever wear tight jeans because they're uncomfortable.

      My body doesn't belong to me. It belongs to anyone who is stronger than I am. That is simply an unfortunately reality and to say otherwise is just empty rhetoric. If I were to detail every episode of that kind that's happened in my life I could go on for hours.

      Someone will probably come along and tell me that I have a victim mentality and ask what I've done to encourage that sort of abuse. The fact is that there's a significant minority out there who see the world as being more like the island in the Lord of the Flies than the rest of us do. The more powerless you are in society, the more they think they can get away with abusing you. If you're female, if you're a person of color, if you're from a lower class background, if you're a student, if you're an employee, there are people who will see themselves as being able to abuse you with impunity. Transpeople are especially vulnerable.

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