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View Diary: Electoral Math for "All You Climate People" (46 comments)

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  •  Reading into the popular support #s a bit more... (3+ / 0-)
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    From the Yale Climate Change link:

    A large majority of Americans (88%) say the U.S. should make an effort to reduce global warming, even if it has economic costs. A plurality (44%) favors a medium-scale effort, even if it has moderate economic costs. One in four (24%) supports a large-scale effort even if there are large economic costs.
    So the vast majority of Americans do think we need to do something about climate change. But only 24% support "large economic costs"...which is what it's going to take.

    We need to fix that perception, too. People supporting climate change policy is a great start, but we also need to get them to realize we WILL have to spend lots of money to fix the problem, if those policies are to go anywhere.

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