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View Diary: Angry senator continues bizarre attack on Obama administration (96 comments)

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  •  You forgot the most plausible McCain motivation (33+ / 0-)

    That he's a spiteful, angry, bitter old prick who wants payback against "The One" for stealing the Presidency he feels was his and is striking out in any way he can, no matter how desperate or ridiculous it may be.

    But yes, Graham's survival in 2014 is clearly Lindsey's main motivation. Because nothing will endure you more to the whackadoodles of the GOP base than picking a public fight with the Evil Kenyan Muslim Socialist Anti-Christ.

    •  I think they're trapped. (19+ / 0-)

      I agree with every thing you said, but I think there's another aspect to this:
      This started with Romney's weird and scripted dumbfuckery on 9/11 and 9/12.
      This came very close to ending his campaign, for everybody.

      After the comments by Rice, Karl Rove began the "Benghazi-gat" pushback and distraction effort.

      The gop/Fox picked it up and ran with it.

      After the election, it was one of the few remaining points of leverage for the gop to mount another obstructionist campaign, and it was too serious an issue for them to just drop as if it hadn't happened, so they were forced to continue trying to leverage it. At this point, McCain et al are so invested in it, they're trapped.

      I hope that the narrative on "benghazi-gate" will include the genesis of the whole stinking mess, including Romney's un-American behavior and Rove's contribution to the whole mess.

      You can't make this stuff up.

      by David54 on Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 05:58:53 PM PST

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    •  Graham's motivation (4+ / 0-)

      Having watched my Senator since he became a Senator, my observation is that he simply slavishly follows McCain.  He always follows McCain.  
      I doubt that he is doing this for 2014.  This is not going to help him in 2014.  He must know that.  

      •  Loser and Self-Hatred (0+ / 0-)

        I'm not gonna get all analytical on this, but suffice to say, John McCain has always been a loser.

        He was a spoiled brat, who graduated from Annapolis only because his father was an admiral.  He was a lousy pilot, kept on flying status only because his father was an admiral.  In the USS Forrestal disaster, he was a coward.  Brave sailors died while McCain cowered in the ready room.

        When he screwed up yet again and got captured by the NVA, he used his father's status to get special treatment.  

        He came home and immediately started screwing around on his wife.  After her auto accident, he dumped her for the rich mistress he had been having an affair with.  The rich mistress, now wife, bought him a Senate seat.  Now, she can't stand to be around him.

        He lost the White House to ((shudder)) a BLACK MAN.

        John McCain is, and always has been, a loser.  His PR firm spins him as a hero and a "maverick," and many people buy that story.  But one person knows it's all sham, and that John McCain is a loser - and that's John McCain.

        And you wonder why he's a bitter old man?

        Lindsey Graham.  Psychologists have written volumes about people like Lindsey Graham.  Until he admits what everyone (except the red-neck Bubbas in South Carolina) already knows, he will have no inner peace and he will always come across as a bitter, unsatisfied drama king/queen.  
        Pity them.  Just be thankful that they, along with Romney, are not in charge.  

        It's Morning in America (and the GOP has a hangover).

        by stlawrence on Thu Nov 22, 2012 at 12:25:52 PM PST

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    •  This story doesn't have that kind of legs (0+ / 0-)

      I doubt that two years from now, in South Carolina, anyone is going remember where Bengazi is.

      If this is all Graham has to protect his right flank, then he is in trouble. Reports of the Tea Party's demise have been greatly exaggerated and Graham has good reason to worry about a primary in the midterms.

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