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  •  Welfare and Walmart (7+ / 0-)

    I wish more americans, the kind of americans who put bumper stickers on their cars saying stuff like "I worked for that hand out" realized that Walmart, because it pays such shitty wages and because its benefits are so indecent, that many of the workers at Walmart are forced to also claim food stamps. So, not only is Walmart one of, if not the biggest employer of the working poor in the country, but that its policies, which have made the Walton family richer than, what, 1/4 or 1/3 of all americans, have also required, by the economics they impose on their workers to cause the number of people who receive food stamps to be that much higher. Maybe, instead of demonizing people who resort to getting food stamps because they are the working poor and because Walmart simply doesn't give them an adequate living wage for the work they do, maybe these americans who hate welfare should direct some of their anger at the Walton family and the Walmart corporation for having economic policies that enrich them further and increase the burden on american taxpayers who pay for the food stamp program. The people americans should be mad at are the Waltons and their Walmart for creating more poor people who then need help just to be able to feed themselves.

    •  It's not just food stamps. (6+ / 0-)

      Their employees's children often qualify for the free lunch program at school and state supported Medicaid-type programs. All of these programs are tax subsidies for the poor, and Walmart does not need such subsidies.  This is a corporate mindset that takes advantage of it's workers at the expense of taxpayers. I really don't know how you fix it, except to shine a lot of light on the issue. But there is somethng intrinsically wrong when a company's bottom line is as huge as Walmart's, its owners are as wealthy as they are, but their employees still have to turn to the Federal and State governments for subsistence, and there doesn't seem to be anything in place to make the company repay the taxpayers.

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