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View Diary: What the freak ever happened to the common wisdom that you don't mix business with politics?!?!?!?! (256 comments)

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  •  No kidding (37+ / 0-)

    And especially with issues of social justice and civil rights, then young people will eat these guys alive.

    I was driving a minivan-ful of daughters and friends this summer -- ranging in age from fourth- through seventh-graders.  We got to talking about where to eat, and they were all tossing out names of places.  Chick-Fil-A came up, and I turned to my twelve-year-old and told her quietly we wouldn't be eating there.  When she asked why, I told her that the president had said very ugly anti-gay things, which resonated with her because we have dear friends who are long-time partners, the godmothers of my baby boy, etc.  So my daughter announced to the car, Hey, guys!  We're not eating at Chick-Fil-A!  She explained why, and I could actually see the looks of disgusted confusion in my rearview mirror, as each of them tried to understand why a company would say such ugly things about good people.

    So as far as I'm concerned, let these arrogant dicks proclaim their prejudices, and we'll all vote with our pocketbooks.  We don't eat Domino's pizza, because it's money for the anti-choice crowd.  Now we won't eat Papa John's.  No loss there!

    Binders full of fail!

    by deminva on Wed Nov 21, 2012 at 05:24:55 AM PST

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    •  The Repubs have no idea what kind of wave is (14+ / 0-)

      about to hit them as the 20-somethings and younger become more politically aware. They are very socially progressive. Among my older son's friends are many Republicans by tradition, and even they don't adhere to the party line when it comes to gay rights and other issues. We also are friends with a conservative couple who were totally bewildered this year when their daughters, one a young mother and the other in college, went all in for Obama. The older one even went to see Michelle speak and was gushing about it on facebook. So yeah, the younger generation is going to swamp those old dinosaurs in the years to come.

      •  I soooo look forward to this! n/t (3+ / 0-)
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        •  Me, too (4+ / 0-)

          And I think the inevitable answer for the Republican Party -- at some point in the not-so-distant future -- is to capitulate on teh gayz and teh brown peoplez.  2012 was their last chance to win a national election with 90%+ of their vote coming from white people.  They failed spectacularly.  Some of their leading Senate candidates tried to win by going Old Testament on rape, abortion, and women's rights.  They failed spectacularly.    They cannot win national contests while being so hostile on immigration, or offending the sensibilities of young voters and professionals who believe in equal rights for women, minorities, and gay folk.

          So by 2020 at the latest, I think, we'll be seeing a Republican nominee avoiding fights on these social issues and actively seeking the support of Hispanic voters.  And the contested terrain will shift.

          Binders full of fail!

          by deminva on Wed Nov 21, 2012 at 08:17:08 AM PST

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