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View Diary: GA-Sen: Don't Forget What Saxby Chambliss (R) Did In 2002 (126 comments)

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    What Atwater did was just a chickenshit copout.  He was, as RamblinDave asserts, probably just faking contrition so that history would not completely shit on his face for a million years.  And if he was sincere, it was still a chickenshit copout.  All that contrition and soul-searching didn't fucking matter when he was dying and no longer able to make a difference.

    It would have meant more if he'd discovered his ethics and morals when it mattered, and I'll never, ever, ever, ever forgive him for that, or for the fountainhead of hatred and vile bullshit he unleashed into our political discourse.  I'm glad he's dead, the worthless sonofabitch was taking up valuable space and breathing air that decent, honest people could have used.

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