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View Diary: Kentucky Dropping the Ball on Health Care Again. (5 comments)

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  •  I can say with some degree of confidence... (2+ / 0-)
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    ...that the Affordable Care Act will be an unmitigated disaster if state and federal legislatures don't pass laws enabling mid-level providers to administer care to the millions of additional patients that will be flooding our nation's health care system over the next several years.

    Like you said, rural areas are already hampered by a shortage of MDs and those docs will become even more swamped once Medicaid expansion is implemented, as it is likely to in Kentucky (Beshear hasn't explicitly committed to it, but all indications are that KY will accept Medicaid expansion).

    The AMA--and I suppose state organizations like KMA, although I'm not familiar enough with them to comment--is holding our nation hostage, artificially limiting the number of admissions to med schools so that their graduates and future constituents will be able to drive their salaries into the stratosphere.

    Any viable health care solution rests on the backs of mid level providers like APRNs. I hope your cynicism about the bill is not validated.

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