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View Diary: SoS Hillary Clinton and Egyptian Foreign Minister Announce Cease-Fire Between Hamas and Israel (163 comments)

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    Any moves we make right now are strategic. So  it comes down to this: The administration's current very vocal support of Israel's actions and their repeated emphasis that there is no daylight between our govt and theirs is:

    1. Meant to prevent the Pres from being criticized at home.
    2. A strategic move to prevent Bibi from having leverage over the Pres that would then prevent us from being able to push for talks.


    3. Both.

    I think it's both.

    •  I largely agree. (6+ / 0-)

      I think it's been very clear to me that the US is working hard to try to secure an increasingly involved role for Egypt here, and I think that our language around support for Israel reflects that, as well.

      My read of it is that we're actively hoping that a strong and involved Egypt, under its new government, will be able to actively stand for negotiation on behalf of the Palestinians without involving Hamas. It both provides a national voice to those concerns -- one with lots of potential and building regional power -- and takes some of that role out of the direct hands of Hamas.

      Helping to solidify that role for Egypt also probably requires a bit of extra public support for Israel on our part right now. That's not to say that we don't support Israel generally anyway, I just suspect that we're also actively trying extra to ramp down Israeli leadership responding with threat to the changing lines here as a result of the Arab Spring. I think that it is always wise, in diplomatic stuff, to keep in mind that the public statements are always loaded and strategic. None of it is ever particularly straightforward, there are aims in every single talking point.

      This is all conjecture, to be clear. But that's sort of the read I get from the ways this is unfolding, and from attention to our overall diplomacy with Egypt well before this series of events.

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