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View Diary: Diane Feinstein responds on filibuster reform. She still needs convincing. (188 comments)

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    Dear Sen Feinstein:
    The filibuster must be reformed or done away with, because the way the Republicans have been abusing it during Obama's administration has led to near-complete breakdown of the Senate.  Please don't tell me that the Senate minority leader or other Republicans have made some kind of agreement with Harry Reid to behave themselves.  It's a scandal that anyone in your position could be either naive enough to trust the Republicans to honor any such agreement, or worse, cynical enough to know better but think voters won't.  I don't care about Senate institutions or traditions when it's obvious the whole system is corrupt and broken down.  Reform the filibuster.  Anything else is a continuation of the Kabuki theater that's been going on for far too long.  We, the voters, do notice, and our anger is growing.

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