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  •  Generators weren't point of Kristof or teacherken (36+ / 0-)

    Randism (or, more contemporarily, Norquistism) is the point.  The idea that Uncle Sam's sole roles are to push around people of darker hues abroad and keep the 99% at bay at home is the core problem both Kristof and ken decry.  The explosion of the generator industry is a relatively minor symptom of that disease.

    Oliver Wendell Holmes III once famously said:

    “I like paying taxes. With them I buy civilization.”
    In today's climate, such a comment from a Supreme would lead to immediate calls for his impeachment, if not for his commitment to a mental institution.  One party is utterly committed to complete and utter disdain for the common good.  This year's GOP platform called for privatization of the postal service.  It never occurred to the self-styled champions of the Constitution that maintaining the postal service is an enumerated federal responsibility.

    The Overton Window on this vital issue has gotten pushed so far to the right in the past 3 decades to be utterly scary.  As per Krugman on Monday:

    Yet in the 1950s incomes in the top bracket faced a marginal tax rate of 91, that’s right, 91 percent, while taxes on corporate profits were twice as large, relative to national income, as in recent years. The best estimates suggest that circa 1960 the top 0.01 percent of Americans paid an effective federal tax rate of more than 70 percent, twice what they pay today.
    Today, a top marginal rate of 39% is derided as "socialism."  I have no clue as to what a 91% top rate would be called.

    Given this set of circumstances, the idea that some sort of deal w/ the Randsists in the lame duck session is a public necessity beggars the imagination.  That's a much bigger question than generators.

    Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not?

    by RFK Lives on Thu Nov 22, 2012 at 12:01:29 PM PST

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