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  •  Tom Quixote (5+ / 0-)

    Thanks for the turkey tales! We have lots of wild turkeys on the Mendocino, CA coast.  The toms, as the OP says, can be quite vigilant of their territory. Our neighbor has a GMC van, with a gleaming metal bumper. Alas, the toms sometimes believe that their reflected mirror image is another tom, just waiting to rape the ladies. Much beak to bumper whacking ensues, until boredom, or a passing grasshopper, deflects their interest.

    •  Okay, now that is a hilarious title for your post! (2+ / 0-)
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      KenBee, ladybug53

      We don't get Turkey's in our yard but that's because houses have sprung up all around us. We have ceased being visited by owls as well, due to loss of trees.

      •  No turkeys or owls (2+ / 0-)
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        GreenMother, KenBee

        That's a shame.  Here in suburban Sacramento, CA,  we're known as a town with lots of trees.  Hence, I guess, a good place for birds. I awoke to our neighborhood hoot owl this morning. He/she seems to be practicing Morse code....longs, an old time phone party line ring. When it scolds our cats, at dusk, the cats line up to come inside.  We have two wild turkey hens in our neighborhood. I think dry cat food from back porches, (not ours) plus acorns, are the attraction.  The Sacramento Tree Foundation, and our local electric utility, help homeowners with new trees, care and planting advice. A great program. Perhaps the equivalent can help your community with tree planting?
        Thanks for the rec on "Tom Quixote." 'Love puns.

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