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    Mr Robert, GreenMother, Aunt Pat

    I raise Royal Palm turkeys.  Mostly I sell the young ones as pets as I don't like to keep too many turkeys through the winter and if you've got hens and toms as I do, young turkeys come.  They are a nice in between for your Broad Breasted White Tom and your wild turkeys.  Like your first tom, they are fun to have in the house when young.  We had one girl one year whom we played with a lot.  She flew from a young age and we'd take her out of her bin and  into one of the bed rooms to practice flying where she was safe from the dogs. When she was done, she'd fly onto the top of my tenant's head and sit there all comfy with her long neck stretched high and look around.  That was the year of the royal wedding in England.  I thought we had the perfect Royal Wedding hat.

    They also don't eat all that much and aren't expensive to keep.  That broad breasted tom was bred to put on meat quickly and eating was what he was bred to do.  My turkeys too are terribly nosy and have an opinion about everything.  They also really cut down on the bugs around here and produce delicious eggs.

    They won't survive in the wild so don't let them get loose.  I have to regularly clip their wings to keep them from leaving home and then getting killed. But they are great pets and a wonderful source of laughter, especially as they will laugh along with you.  I sold three today to a pet home.  Now I only need to sell around eight more to get down to a decent sized winter group.

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