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View Diary: Radio Station Lays Off Entire Staff On The Day Before Thanksgiving (100 comments)

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  •  The Radio Marketplace is hurting (2+ / 0-)
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    JVolvo, PvtJarHead

    (Just for background - I am one of the WORT-FM co-founders.)

    The radio marketplace is hurting.  There are more stations in most markets.  There is satellite radio and Internet streaming.  There are blogs.

    One of the biggest media advertising booms in history (the post-Citizen's United 2012 election) is over, and that money has dried up.  

    Furthermore Rush Limbaugh and the hate speech brigade have poisoned the well.   (See: Richard Myers Rush flushers seeking to hold Limbaugh accountable for hate speech are crippling the radio industry)

    As Myers notes, this effect on advertising on Limbaugh's show  affects all political talk radio - conservative and liberal.  That was WTDY's format.

    WORT is non-commercial, but they are also being buffeted by the loss of listeners to Internet-delivered content.  If you care, click on over and show them some love.

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