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    love to pretend to be 'objectivists.' It is stunning how far from objective and empirical most of the present day adherents to her "philosophy" have become. What rules Rubio and other tea party members is money, not reason or facts. Krugman is right in calling out their absence of rationality and reason. I also believe his prediction about the decline of our society.

    Yes, the GOP faithful were willing to believe the hucksters that promised them the election was in the bag. But ask yourself a few simple questions. Would the election have been as close as it was if the party faithful believed the data that they were going to lose? Would they have been able to keep the money flowing in or maximized their own turnout without finding some excuse to believe everything was in play? If the enthusiasm among religious conservatives wavered, no amount of voter suppression was going to pull off a victory. It seems clear that a reality-based approach was not going to be any more successful than the keeping the faithful plied with false hopes.

    There is a deep cynicism about the powers behind the GOP. It is truly frightening to behold. It is hard to say how many conservatives actually believe the young earth nonsense, that humans and dinosaurs once walked the earth, or that carbon pollution is not destabilizing the planet. I doubt that the rich brokers of power share those delusions, but they are well aware how to manipulate people for their own personal gain, even if it means the collapse of our democracy and society.

    Be radical in your compassion.

    by DWG on Fri Nov 23, 2012 at 07:07:46 AM PST

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