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    There is scientific evidence that the earth is not young, that organisms evolve. Science tells us that emphatically. There is evidence that the global climate is changing, and that it is more than likely driven by anthropomorphic causes.

    Life after death? Jesus (or Krishna, or whoever) as Lord? No way of proving or disproving. Science isn't helpful. Absence of proof - or even of its possibility - does not imply negation.

    As a scientist, I will respect believers on those core matters of faith that science has no voice.

    I confront them vigorously when their "faith" conflicts with what is known and/or knowable, whether or not their statements come from their holy book(s).

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      complex circuitry, such as found in the brain. The idea that we can go on living as ourselves after our brains are dead, while technically not disprovable, violates principles of science first laid down by Francis bacon. IMO saying that it is possible that Jesus is a god from a scientific viewpoint is a cop out.

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