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View Diary: Can Democrats Retake the House in 2014? (32 comments)

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    I'm glad you wrote. The trick is to embed how these guys are voting against the self-interest of Republican voters, and you simply cannot do it 18 months from now.

    We need funding for ads that appear EVERY TIME the House balks at supporting the middle class. For example, right now we need LTEs saying: "In 45 days your earned income tax credit/FICA reduction etc is ending. How is YOUR congresscritter going to vote?

    We worked for McDowell in MI-1. Benishek squeeked past him with massive infusion from the Kochs, our nearest neighbor to the west. But it cost them big time. Gary McDowell can take this district if a two-year consistent message keeps going out

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      House Republicans are so out of touch with basic American values
      how these guys are voting against the self-interest of Republican voters
      I'd like to see flyers mailed to every voter on the votes their Rep makes that work against the voter.  The Rep votes to end Obamacare and supplies talking points about freedoms.  Baloney.  The Rep in that vote voted against affordable insurance for people with preexisting conditions like cancer or birth defects.  Tell the voters that.  And all the other details that effect these voters, one detail at a time.  The Rep voted against an infrastructure stimulus bill giving talking points about the deficit.  The Rep in that vote voted against putting local workers to work rebuilding a failing bridge in that district.  Tell the voters, detail by detail.  And there will be hundreds of other examples.

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