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    elsaf, Brecht

    I haven't seen many of the adaptations you write about (the one with Martin Freeman or the one with Lucy Liu) but I just about tolerated Guy Ritchie's first movie & hated his second movie.

    For me, the biggest grouse was how poorly the characters were represented. Many of the characters in the book were iconic & bigger than life, they gave me goosebumps when I read the stories, but in the movie they are just forgettable characters. Examples are all over the movies
    - Irene Adler - what a character in the book - the One - the only woman Holmes respected
    - Moriarty & Moran - the first & second most dangerous most people in England in the book. In the movie, Moran is little more than a side kick.

    I can go on, but writing about Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes leaves me very disappointed.

    I enjoyed the Jeremy Brett ones.

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