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  •  It just occurred to me while reading this ... (1+ / 0-)
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    ... that while I agree with you 100% ...

    Maybe we shouldn't be referring to the new series as "the Cummberbatch series."  He's just the poor actor being paid to do the scripts (and a very good actor too)!  And as an actor myself, I say good for him for landing the lead in a series.  

    The faults of the series aren't the actor's fault.  I guess, if anything, we should be calling the series by the creators'/writers'/producers' names.

    •  You're right (0+ / 0-)

      Nothing that is wrong with "Sherlock" is Benedict Cummerbatch's fault. He didn't write this stuff. He only performs it.

      And by the same token, Jonny Lee Miller isn't responsible for "Elementary," though at least one component of my dislike for the series is not finding any charm in his performance.

      The Cummerbatch series is just an easy tag to put on the project. Cummerbatch is who you remember when you watch it. By the same token, Jeremy Brett was just an actor on the other series, though it generally gets called the Brett series, just as the 1940s movies get called the Basil Rathbone films.

      It's easy to confuse titles as bare as "Elementary" and "Sherlock." If you refer to the actors, there is no confusion at all.

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