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  •  I am not sure that faith is the right term. (1+ / 0-)
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    DJ Rix

    I would call it apocalyptical thinking. The belief is that there is some kind of terminal struggle between good and evil. If someone is not on the right side or even questions the right side then they are entirely evil.

    The Romans had a religion that was very important to the state. Their belief was that the gods took sides in human affairs based on more or less human emotions. Therefore it was critical to be nice to the ones on your side since if they felt ignored you would be screwed.

    The reason that the early Christians were persecuted was that they refused to worship Jupiter and the other gods that protected Rome. The Romans called them "atheists" and considered them to be traitors. If Christians had been willing to offer sacrifices to other gods they wouldn't have had any trouble. The Romans tolerated some pretty strange cults.

    It seems that Christianity picked up the same theme at some time and uses it against anyone who doesn't believe in the same way. Blaming hurricanes and earthquakes on witches, teh Gay, or Kos is just what Nero was doing when he fed Christians to the lions.

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