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    I have failed one -- or not.

    The son of a first cousin always hung on my words and liked to hear me talk about how appearance and dress are just reflections of how we feel, not what we are. He was growing up before the Internet, and a man with hair over his ears had "hay-r like a girrel." I told him that, first, some men did like men, but who cares, and, second, a hair cut doesn't have that kind of power. He was nine at the time.

    As he headed off to college, he pursued advanced degrees. He also came out as gay.

    I may have helped him, some, but there was too little opportunity to do anything. In particular, my nephews and niece need to know that there are middle ways, that they won't have to choose between kowtowing to a father with norms from the 1940's or blind rebellion. (Rebel with a cause.)

    Time is not a fiction; it is a narrative.

    by The Geogre on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 04:19:21 PM PST

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