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View Diary: The Republicans will not repudiate racism because many of them are not Republicans but Racists. (132 comments)

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  •  Yup. (5+ / 0-)
    conservatives, especially in the south, are still trying to refashion history to suit their warped view of it, still clinging to the same old comforting mythologies about racial superiority that feeds their sexual inadequacies -- & yes, that's really what's at the core of racial prejudice: sexual dysfunction -- just try going there with a real rwnj & note the reaction.
    I can't say here about conversations I've had with some White Southerners - too impolite for this site - but mostly they've revolved around the quote above.  On more than one level they grappled with real feelings of impotency.    
    •  I've seen it in action (7+ / 0-)

      During college years in Atlanta I spent 2 years going to a suburban Baptist church. Big church, predominantly white and professional and affluent.

      We had a GREAT church basketball team until one year a new member came out to play with us. He was black and he could hoop, not better than us but certainly as good as us. Half the team quit - and the reason they gave was his white wife. They didn't "hold with that".

      I was shocked. Shouldn't have been - a few months later the church voted to move 40 miles further south of Atlanta and away from the community they'd served for 30 years because that community was getting blacker.

      These are the pillars of southern society. They aren't the whole story and I have many positive memories of the south and its citizens too... but my personal experience has taught me to be wary of the south (and it goes far beyond the racism, since I heard pro-war and anti-environmental sermons met with choruses of "Amens!").

      barn's burnt down; now i can see the moon - Basho

      by sfgary on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 10:50:42 AM PST

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