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View Diary: Durbin takes Social Security off the table (216 comments)

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  •  The only way to significantly cut (6+ / 0-)

    into deficit spending on health care is to nationalize the system - single payer, all clinic and hospital costs covered, doctors receiving adequate and fair salary enough to justify the career choice. Government coverage of education (doctors, nurses, technologists, etc.) in exchange for rotating placement in underserved areas.

    Medicine is a fine choice of career on all levels and should be encouraged and rewarded up and down the line. It's public service oriented even for those who get into it for the imagined fortunes they'll make, trick is to get them young enough to accept that while they're professionals who had to pass through years and years of intense training, they're still working class - people who actually work (often hard and for long shifts) for their living. Their pay should cover their and their families' needs and many of their wants.

    APA is going to take some of the pressure off, but a real universal health care system would do some serious damage to deficit increases. Cradle-to-grave health care makes both Medicare and Medicaid superfluous. We might even find that at some point down the road our health care outcomes start looking more like those of a modern first world country.

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