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    Not the being ripped off bit, of course, but that there is some motion on this issue because it seems like a very obvious, positive solution. I never thought about the issue of leasing. Well, it would be approved by some University committee -- I can't say I know which other than some budgetary committee or another -- but if someone did the math and showed savings, the school's so cash-strapped, no doubt they'd go for it since energy expenses are a fortune as is. I'm not personally in a position to do that, mind you.

    •  If they use bonds, they can't lease (4+ / 0-)

      And it's far easier to pass a California school bond than a property tax.  The thing is, the way I saw the lease payments, you end up paying the solar company less than you pay the utility.  I leased my solar panels but prepaid the entire 20 year lease up front, which was cheaper than buying them. Another advantage of leasing is the tax credits are taken by the solar company and they apply them directly to your lease cost up front.  That way you don't have to wait to,get the credit.  Works the same way when you lease an EV.

      I would imagine the economics are different with a universities than homeowners putting in solar. Maybe I should talk to someone from the high school district and diary their solar project.  The parking lot structures are good for another thing, the cars don't bake in the sun.

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