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View Diary: Dennis Miller smears a courageous Sacheen Littlefeather on Leno. 39 years later. (177 comments)

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  •  O'Rourke is a better writer... (12+ / 0-)

    .....than talk-show guest, but the key to conservative comedy is exposing people who use (and I do mean use) their social liberal cred to excuse atrocious personal behavior, conspicuous compassion, or lording it over the benighted masses about their budget-restricted lifestyles.

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone are also in the same vein (although their vulgarity makes them persona non grata to the easily-offended conservative), and Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, although not conservatives, skewer the self-important Portland liberal for the ridiculous yuppies and hipsters they are.

    Rush Limbaugh is a rich bully, and Dennis Miller is the racist great-uncle forwarding anti-Obama e-mails to everyone.

    9-11 changed everything? Well, Katrina changed it back.

    by varro on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 02:01:28 PM PST

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    •  I mostly enjoy Parker and Stone (7+ / 0-)

      They can be a bit sophomoric and intellectually lazy - at times a bit smug - but when they are on they are on.

      Portlandia is most enjoyed by folks who recognize a little of themselves in the satire. It's not mean-spirited enough to be enjoyed by the rethuglican crowd.

      Those who do not move, do not notice their chains. Rosa Luxemburg

      by chuckvw on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 03:13:11 PM PST

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      •  I love South Park... (6+ / 0-)

        ....and I think Parker and Stone know that even though they get irritated by smug liberals, conservatives would put them in jail or kill them if they could.

        I think Portlandia is mean-spirited - living in Portland, it seems like a documentary.  Carrie Brownstein has said it is an affectionate parody, but I think it's to deflect people from running her out of town.

        9-11 changed everything? Well, Katrina changed it back.

        by varro on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 07:49:08 PM PST

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