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View Diary: Toward a Political Economy of Oligarchy (8 comments)

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    Perhaps you should consider doing a dumbed down version for people who aren't versed in the prose of 18th Century political discourse.

    Here, here.

    When you have to get past things like, "the dirty Race of Money Changers" and five coma and double semicolon sentences, it shant go over well.

    If I have to slog five pages of Chomsky for the one apt, yet, succinct quote, you could translate from superfluous verbosity. ;)

    Hotlisted none-the-less, and I'll be backreading through your list.

    Atheistic Determinist and Contemplative Contrarian.

    by ShockandAwed on Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 11:39:30 PM PST

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