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View Diary: Taxing the rich: it's not about "fairness" (182 comments)

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  •  Yeah, because Marxism has been a winner (not) (0+ / 0-)

    The greatest economic system yet developed is regulated capitalism.  It provides the greatest opportunity, the highest standards of living, and the greatest efficiency.   I'm not sure this hasn't been settled.

    I think you are wrong on how many Americans want a Marxist economic system.  It is very few.  How many members does the American Communist Party have?

    The problem is we need better government regulation that fairly assigns negative social impacts of economic activities.  Not a reconfiguring of our economic system.

    •  You're wrong. (0+ / 0-)

      Check out what's happening among the young:

      Young people -- the collegiate and post-college crowd, who have served as the most visible face of the Occupy Wall Street movement -- might be getting more comfortable with socialism. That's the surprising result from a Pew Research Center poll that aims to measure American sentiments toward different political labels.

      The poll, published Wednesday, found that while Americans overall tend to oppose socialism by a strong margin -- 60 percent say they have a negative view of it, versus just 31 percent who say they have a positive view -- socialism has more fans than opponents among the 18-29 crowd. Forty-nine percent of people in that age bracket say they have a positive view of socialism; only 43 percent say they have a negative view.

      I'm no fan of State Socialism, but the future lies in economic democracy, not Capitalism.  Change is a necessity for the sake of justice and environmental sanity.
    •  Regulating Capitalism is like... (0+ / 0-)

      putting a serial killer under house arrest.

      It never works for long because Capitalism, by its nature, accumulates power in the hands of fewer and fewer people.  These oligarchs inevitably undo any attempt at regulation.

      Witness the history of the U. S. as an example.  The same thing is happening in Europe.

      •  Please reread my comment (0+ / 0-)

        I said capitalism has provided the highest standards of living, opportunity and efficiency the world has ever seen.   I really think this is settled.  Can you point to a communist country that even remotely competes with the US or Europe on these fronts?

        Centralized planning is a failure.

        Properly regulated capitalism allows for Socialist policy where necessary (healthcare, pollution, government food inspection, SEC regulation, etc.).  The problem with capitalism isn't the concept, it's the political system that distorts the concept.

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