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View Diary: Feds uncover massive cheating ring on teacher certification tests (103 comments)

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  •  I agree. I have had stewards training (3+ / 0-)

    for California's State University System.  

    Our Union can provide some counseling / mediation /intervention in a criminal situation like this, but they would be angry, and resent it. The Unions want and need their members to be good, competent, honest workers. They do not want to spend their time( generally volunteer) and resources (paid by members who don't make enough to start with) on people who are crooked from the get go. To use up important resources   and dirty the reputation of every other member is bullish*t,.

    Further, TR's you are correct, at least in terms of the CSUS system, the union is there mainly to defend against contract and policy violations, and discrimination against gender, race, age, etc. etc.  

    A flat out charge of criminal activity... I think that is pretty much beyond the scope of an educators union. My guess is that the stewards would recommend that the person being accused hire an attorney, and once that happens, it is officially out of the Union's hands. (for our union, anyway)

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