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View Diary: Carly Fiorina says public employee pensions are 'so rich' (62 comments)

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  •  Glad we didn't vote her in (4+ / 0-)

    Because obviously she is clueless about public pensions. Considering CalPERS is one of the largest around, to have her be part of the government that is involved with that? But then maybe she's mad that she won't be able to get any of that.

    I wish they would put some kind of banner or text saying "take with grain of salt" or "biased opinion being given" on the air when people like her are on. Considering many people think the news media will try to have experts and knowledgeable people on. When clearly the media is more beholden to advertisers than you and me.

    At least they should have had a few demon sheep floating around her head.

    Yeah I'm looking forward to my little tiny bit of CalPERS in a few years. Now that I have moved from California where I couldn't afford to live. Not that it will be much at all but at least it hasn't been raided like a lot of corporate pensions. Did the Kodak employees get to keep theirs at all?

    Just had a thought too since health benefits can be a part of pensions. Will Obamacare help bring down those costs and thus help out the pensions?

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