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View Diary: "President Barack Obama Is the Most Threatened President In History." (187 comments)

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  •  Folllowing Secret Service, I will not spread this (4+ / 0-)


    Secret Service guy said Obama gets no more than other Presidents, disputing other reports. As you say...yah right.

    And, I think it best to let it be that until he SAFELY leaves office. It's horrible

    But, it might be better for him not to spread the story he gets more and inspire other people. The Secret Service ALSO said they are afraid of inspiring copy cats. For some stupid crazy Righty on the edge, hearing that O gets four times as much death threats might be validating "ie see everyone hates him". We know different.

    I am letting this one lie...wanted to first link it on Facebook but NO WAY.

    I want to do everything I can to support, help, and protect this man who works so hard and YES sacrifices so much for us. I am sure he knows in his heart of hearts

    One thing we need to watch out for (horrors!) is CUTS that can any way effect our Secret Service budget.

    IF this required pragmatic argument or pushback to the slightly racist budget cutting masses::::SINCE we have so few Black Senators and Mayors, a sad reality, it is currentlyl likely a very infrequent event that an experienced qualified politiician who happens to be Black would have gotten elected President in this divisive country (being post Bush helped and of course this man's particular gifts helped a LOT). Our country was moved FORWARD by electing a Black President when it did (let alone this very capable one). It was well worth the extra expense to protect  his life so he can serve. Sad commentary it costs so much more to protect a Black President than a White one, but we BETTER do it.

     I think he is a very good person with talents he will bring to the world for DECADES after his presidency. Universe/God/Whoever (luck) please protect and keep him and his family.

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